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it is starting to look like this project has reached the end of it's life. i have less and less time to work on it, and the anticipated goal of creating a routable map will likely be hundreds of hours of work. (i would need to ensure every road/trail touched perfectly and then create a point at each intersection) there may still be small changes in the future and i will continue to host the map and offer assistance using/installing it. thanks to everyone who helped out and to all the donors who kept me motivated. i am sorry to have to shut down. there are alternatives out there to create your own garmin maps from the openstreetmap project.

the goal of my map project is to create a gps compatible topographic map of vancouver island with water features, roads, trails and park boundaries. there will be other small things included like placenames, rapids, waterfalls, mountains and parking lots near some parks and other useful info for the outdoor explorer. and to then provide free map downloads to any who wish to use them.

if you have any suggestions or gps tracks of trails that are not on the map please send them to me and i will do my best to add them. send files to rob AT

so who can use it?
at the moment the map is available for garmin gps only, on either mac, pc or (u)nix computers. a version for lowrance and magellan will hopefully be available someday, if anyone has much experience here i would be interested.

i hope by version 2 i will have added off road routing for hikers and cyclists, this would use roads but also any trails or resource roads as well.

current goals
*sourcing logging/resource road common names
*sourcing more trails, please send me your trail data to have it included in the map
*differentiating intermittent/seasonal streams
v1.38 changelog - released sept. 3, 2013
*park updates; mt. work, most trails have been added thanks to the work of Gerry with the Cordova Bay Hikers. as well as a missing trail in the sea to sea regional park reserve
v1.37 changelog - released feb. 23, 2013
*new coastline, fixing rivers and streams meeting it as well as accuracy of coast line
*park updates; gowlland tod, lone tree, thetis lake, layritz, glendale gardens, camosun interurban. including added parking lots (only free ones, none of the payed lots), removed old closed trails, private property infringements and dangerous trails (specifically in gowlland tod, where i personally witnessed large falling boulders).
*fixed an error along the shore in Campbell River
v1.35 changelog
*actually fixed zoom levels on lines
*actually removed labels on minor contours
*fine tuned south island powerlines, added some power stations
*fixed rapids showing as dams, and improperly displayed large river rapids/waterfalls
*changed styles for resource roads, trails, roads and disappearing streams.
v1.3 changelog
*tuned up some rivers at coastline
*added remaining provincial parks
*added railroad
*adjusted line thickness and colors for better visibility
*fixed zoom levels
*removed contour labels on minor lines to reduce clutter
v1.2 changelog
*added more islands near north-east island
*replaced road data, now has many more resource/logging/dirt/access roads
*changed contour labels from feet to meters
*fixed lakes not displaying correctly in basecamp
v1.1 changelog
*added park boundaries from capital, cowichan and comox valley regional districts
*added 10m contours
*added road network
*added some trails and dirt roads
*fixed issue with names of roads/rivers not displaying correctly on some GPSrs
thanks to all those who have provided data for me to work with so far, and written great free or affordable software solutions for hobby map making.
error reports and trail additions/dt>
Lyle in Campbell River
Gerry and the Cordova Bay Hikers
quantum GIS
typ compiler
inno setup
geobase bc
geo gratis
the Capital Regional District
the Cowichan Valley Regional District
the Comox Valley Regional District
openstreetmap for temporary trail networks
unless stated otherwise; all content and other genius are hereby declared copyrighted property of my self, rob j. loranger.